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Prospective Members

Thank you for your interest in joining ACED. Unfortunately, the application is currently closed and will be opened again in the Fall semester of 2024. 

Introductions of Teams

Below are a list of teams/committees for members to be part of in addition to being a general member at ACED. Please read through the brief introductions of each team to determine your interest. 


1. Brainstorming prospective consulting project(s) 

2. Outreaching to potential clients 

3. Actively communicating with clients to carry out consulting project(s)


1. Working with Ross BBA Council  and the DEI Team to promote and support DEI initiatives

2. Assisting club with maintaining Ross' DEI values and goals​

3. Exploring different opportunities within DEI


1. Managing club's finance activities, including reimbursements 

2. Researching and applying for potential funds and grants 

3. Keeping track of club's finance accounts


1. Developing new methods to help advertise club and club events 

2. Designing flyers, posters, posts, stories, club merchandises, and more

3. Manage club social media platforms including website, Instagram, and LinkedIn


1. Ensuring logistics of club meetings and events 

2. Enhancing clarity of communications during meetings and events

3. Planning out club activities and events  

Recruitment Timeline

Thank you for your interest in ACED. The Winter 2024 Recruitment Timeline below, join us to learn more about ACED and what we can provide for you! 

ACED WN24 Recruitment Timeline (1).png
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